Twitch: beyond streaming

In the past two years not everything has been working according to plan, and I’m ok with it. 

Since I started using Twitch I’ve always closely followed a couple of streamers. It’s actually funny, in what I can only describe as a chain of events. I’ve meet one streamer, and with interaction with that person and their chat I came across another streamer, then another from the second one and so on.

I can’t really remember why I came across Julia_tv or what she was playing at the time but what I remember is that from her stream I came across some amazing people. Even to this day I drop into Julia’s stream to watch some gameplay and have some fun with the community.
From Julia I meet Pancakesandwaff, which at the time had this amazing Indie Games playthroughs, from there I’ve meet Rosalera, and then Psyche and her community.

Usually I either am too tired or occupied to come to Twitch after a day of work, other times the streaming schedule of certain streamers don’t coincide with my free time, and even some other times I choose to play some game having only the stream in the background. I’ve even started, in the past few months, to watch some vods in my free time, so I could compensate what I’ve missed while I was away.

Recently I’ve been home for health reasons and sure being home sick is unpleasant, specially after a surgical procedure, but I have to say that the past couple weeks have been without equal. Be able to keep up with my favorite stream on a daily basis and be part of every great moment is the best thing I could had wished for in this less bright time in my life.
Obviously it depends on the content, and more importantly it depends on the community, but it all comes down to the person heading the stream.

I have to recognize those that have helped me heal in this particular moment, with whom I had the most fun and the best moments in the past few years. Thank you for being around, for being who you are and for making your streams, your content and your community something to go back to.


And to those that chat, lurk or simply come around this streamers, thank you for being part of the community and making everyone’s day better just for being there and contribute.

Distant Worlds 2 – Waypoint 4

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The one from Conflux Abandoned Settlements to Llyn Tegid Nebula, approximate route distance: 6,000 LY’s.

Elite Dangerous

This week started started very bleak, all those systems with similar nebulas didn’t produced a great set of sight seeing locations. We skipped the Guardian Ruins and our visit to Sacaqawea Space Port didn’t gave us enough time to explore around, we had such a long way to go we had to increase our pace.

Finally arrived at the Llyn Tegid Nebula and our jaws fell to the ground with such a beautiful and colored system. All in all, between the somewhat unimpressive nebulas, the Collection of Wonders with all those ringed stars and finally the Llyn Tegid I would say the travel ended up being actually nice.

Here is my favorite site of this week:

Llyn Tegid Nebula 1
Llyn Tegid Nebula right as we arrived at the system. There seems to be a cute little monster in the distance.

Overwatch League Season 2

Overwatch League is just around the corner and I’m particularly excited mainly because I’ve been getting, again, back into Overwatch.

I was never someone to excel at anything in particular, much less Overwatch, but it does pain me to watch this amazing games with mechanics I know and I get into a game and the team composition is 4 dps, 1 Zarya and 1 Brigitte. Maybe only 2-3 every 10 games end up being played with the full cooperation of the entire rooster. It’s sad to come to a game with the spirit of cooperation and as soon as the game loads you come face to face with 3 or 4 dps right from the start, and funny enough 90% of the time they don’t reconsider their choices.
And I won’t even get started with the high pitched voice “people” that come to voice chat, mostly on the weekends, complain they are not getting healed.

Overwatch All Access Pass

Aside from my current experience on the low levels of Overwatch Competitive (which I do agree with some players that Blizzard should change the way the old ranks are weighted into each season placement), I am eager to put some of my time aside to watch the OWL match-ups, the big brawls and specially this new season with the new feature implemented that will, the command center, where we will be able to choose a particular player and watch and learn their own perspective of the game.

Starting February 14th, a new OWL Season starts and I can’t wait to just tune in, seat back and enjoy.

Going back in time: Crash Bandicoot

It was 1999, the internet was dialed, Google was in beta, iPod wasn’t a thing and little me received his first ever console in December of ’99.

At the time I was a young introvert kid coming back from a minor larynx surgery and Christmas was just around the corner. I remember waking up in the hospital with a new toy on my side, a lego-looking train toy, and I couldn’t imagine that at home I had a PlayStation 1 under the tree.

I remember clearly which games I had to play on my PlayStation as a kid, much like today (big) most games costed a fortune (10 contos) 49,99€. The most iconic game being Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (which came with the console), and later Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.

Crash Bandicoot

This little fella kept me company for many years, along side Gex, Le Mans 24 Hours and Tomb Raider. I’m really elated to be able to dive deep into Crash, this time on PC with the N. Sane Trilogy and the remastered looks albeit the same core level design and timings.

For someone that started his gaming adventures with the second installment of the game, I’m quite happy to have something new to look forward along some new and fresh looks on the old levels.