Distant Worlds 2 – Pallaeni to Omega Nebula

I’ve taken upon myself to take part in the Distant World 2 Expedition. Only as of recently I have taken Elite Dangerous serious and it toke me a good 2-4 days to collect the materials needed to upgrade one of my Anaconda’s to acceptable standards for a long exploration mission.

The last Sunday (Jan. 13th) was the launch of this expedition and a group of commanders from the Boop Brigade joined up, just like thousands of other groups and commanders did, to make a synchronous jump into this wild (at least for me) adventure.

Distant Worlds 2 - Boop Brigade Launch
A group of 8+ commanders from the Boop Brigade joining up to make a synchronous into the black unexplored horizon ahead.

Today, in less than an hour the next waypoint will be announced and once again players across the globe will charge their FSD’s (short for Frame Shift Drive) and jump once more into the black in the hope to get to the next common location in one piece and with the hope of coming across their friends on the way there.

According to the organizers a total of almost 13.000 (yes, 13 thousand!) have decided to embark this enormous expedition that is set to take 8 months.

As for me, I am glad I didn’t got destroyed already, specially since I’ve never paid much attention to planets with high gravity, which can mess up landings, such as it was the planet HR 6164 where the The View Beacon (one of the many suggested attractions to visit) and where hundred of players lost their ships according to various news reports.

Here is the week in review, with some gorgeous views.

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