Starting fresh – blogging in 2019

Intro - me

Hello, my name is André altough online I’m mostly known as AMMO or LEAMMO. My alias has nothing to do with weapons or ammunition, it’s simply an abbreviation of my full name and in the lack of better I stuck to it, simple, concise, and memorable.

I live in Portugal, love all kinds of food, can’t live without chocolate, I have a thing for cappucino and I’m always connected to the web. I’m fond of dark shirts and shoes, as well as long coats.
I have a deep need to stay up-to-date on subjects of interest to me, for that I use an RSS feed app on my phone where I keep tabs on various news-related websites such as, PC Gamer, Polygon, Twitch, as well as some games feeds like Elite Dangerous Galnet News, Overwatch, Darkest Dungeon.

I’m aiming at using this site as a blogging experience for me, nothing I hadn’t done before but this time I want to commit to it. Besides working I spend most of my time on my computer either playing games, watching streams, binge watching series and movies, and roaming around social media.
I intent to make use of this pages to share my experiences, screenshots, as well as my thoughts and comments on daily subjects. The views and opinions expressed here represent my own thoughts on those specific subjects, they do not represent the people, institutions, companies or organizations with or for whom I work or collaborate.

If you enjoy my content and wan’t to show your support feel free to leave a follow here or in any of the social media I’m in.

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