Health, FIFA, Overwatch and more

This past week I’ve taken a huge break from everything. Not that I actually felt the need for it but for health reasons. Same reasons that kept me in a tight leash for the past couple years. Just wish the recovery goes as well as it has been.

I’ve came back home on Friday and since then I’ve played a little bit of everything, and to be honest none really satisfied me.


Since I can remember, FIFA was one of my favorite games, I would spend hours on my really old pc, back in maybe 2012/14, playing FIFA, can’t really remember the version of the game, but with the new Origin Access subscription I’ve been somewhat enjoying the latest FIFA installment. With some great effort, and really in the very beginning of the career mode I was able to conquer the Champions League, yesterday.

On other games, I’ve delved a little bit more into Darkest Dungeon this last couple days, as well as into Overwatch and Hearthstone. I still get very frustrated to get matched with players that don’t feel the need to play as a team in a ranked match of any type of games, and Overwatch is no difference.

«Damn you Hog main that doesn't know when you are being countered!!!»

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