Distant Worlds 2 – Waypoint 3

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With a little bit of more time in hands I was able to travel around 6.000ly from Omega Sector to the 3rd waypoint in about 3 days. Took some doing but between naps, Netflix over-saturated afternoons and medical trips this Wednesday I arrived at the Conflux Delta Site.

Curiously enough I had a hard time finding the Conflux Site, this wasn’t the first time I had to land on planets based on coordinates but it was the first time I had to do it with a Pinocchio long nose that is the Anaconda’s, and to add to that when I arrived the planet was in the opposite side of the sunlight.

I hope the next waypoints have stations where we can land or dock as well, this removes a certain amount of pressure in being extra careful in regards to flying.

This week I had an amazing time, between around 30 screenshots I’ve decided to only show an hand full of them in order to keep some for later. I’m specially proud of the last one in the slideshow.

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