Distant Worlds 2 – Waypoint 4

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The one from Conflux Abandoned Settlements to Llyn Tegid Nebula, approximate route distance: 6,000 LY’s.

Elite Dangerous

This week started started very bleak, all those systems with similar nebulas didn’t produced a great set of sight seeing locations. We skipped the Guardian Ruins and our visit to Sacaqawea Space Port didn’t gave us enough time to explore around, we had such a long way to go we had to increase our pace.

Finally arrived at the Llyn Tegid Nebula and our jaws fell to the ground with such a beautiful and colored system. All in all, between the somewhat unimpressive nebulas, the Collection of Wonders with all those ringed stars and finally the Llyn Tegid I would say the travel ended up being actually nice.

Here is my favorite site of this week:

Llyn Tegid Nebula 1
Llyn Tegid Nebula right as we arrived at the system. There seems to be a cute little monster in the distance.

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