Overwatch League Season 2

Overwatch League is just around the corner and I’m particularly excited mainly because I’ve been getting, again, back into Overwatch.

I was never someone to excel at anything in particular, much less Overwatch, but it does pain me to watch this amazing games with mechanics I know and I get into a game and the team composition is 4 dps, 1 Zarya and 1 Brigitte. Maybe only 2-3 every 10 games end up being played with the full cooperation of the entire rooster. It’s sad to come to a game with the spirit of cooperation and as soon as the game loads you come face to face with 3 or 4 dps right from the start, and funny enough 90% of the time they don’t reconsider their choices.
And I won’t even get started with the high pitched voice “people” that come to voice chat, mostly on the weekends, complain they are not getting healed.

Overwatch All Access Pass

Aside from my current experience on the low levels of Overwatch Competitive (which I do agree with some players that Blizzard should change the way the old ranks are weighted into each season placement), I am eager to put some of my time aside to watch the OWL match-ups, the big brawls and specially this new season with the new feature implemented that will, the command center, where we will be able to choose a particular player and watch and learn their own perspective of the game.

Starting February 14th, a new OWL Season starts and I can’t wait to just tune in, seat back and enjoy.

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