Submerged in Subnautica

Recently I’ve contracted this bug. I can’t really explain it and my relationship with it is somewhat mixed.

I bought Subnautica in December of 2016, at the time the game looked promising, it was, and it still is. When playing it, I remember getting a nauseated feeling due to all the water, and I felt it’s building tree system was too hard to comprehend. I know, from my steam account, that I didn’t played more than 8h of it. Until now.

Two years after having got the game I finally got back into it, in a new save. In a week I got three times more hours in this game than in two years. And I can’t get enough of it. The same feelings that kept me from enjoying the game are still there but somehow I feel more comfortable and those sensations look to be more bearable.

I have managed to beat 1/3 of the story so far, and at the same time build a base I am proud of.

Base on Subnautica

The hunt for resources was not easy, but I’ve collected the materials as I went through the story which made it quite enjoyable to see it grow.
Right now there is an office, a bedroom, a storage room, a machinery room, as well as a hangar (moonpool) for my MeSubmarine (seamoth), and of course an alien container that is, for now, two levels high.

I’ve logged off for today, I’ve managed to play an hand full of hours today progressing quite a bit in the story. So time to log off.

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