Elite: Dangerous –My secret love affair

Elite: Dangerous became my secret love affair.

I’ve started my “online” gaming experience in 2014, at the time I only had one game in mind: Counter-Strike: Source. The game followed me in school, quite literally actually, there was this shared folder in the school server where the students would share worksheets and their -not so legally obtained- games, each day the folder would get purged and surprisingly each day CS:S would be in there, along side some flash games like Billiards.


There were some colleagues of mine that owned Counter Strike and even played in LAN parties (a concept which I had/have yet to be part of) and so they were the top score players each time we had some free time after the IT classes and ventured to face one another. This happened around 2006 to 2010.

In 2014 I decided to buy Counter-Strike: Source and play competitively in my free time, I can’t remember the time of the year it was but I remember the Counter-Strike: Complete pack included all the CS games at the time, and what started as an interest to play CS: Source changed when most of the players in the clan I was part of shifted their focus to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
I abandoned Counter-Strike in 2016, in the two years I played CS I managed to clock in around 2.000h, of those almost 1.500h on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

I decided in 2016, and as a birthday present, to buy Overwatch, all the hype that anticipated the launch of Overwatch didn’t really made a mark on me, and so with the Overwatch purchase I didn’t really had any real expectation in diving deep into the game. I was wrong, and Overwatch quickly filled the hole in my heart that Counter-Strike had left unfilled.

To this day I still keep diving back into Overwatch on a weekly basis, and the game tells me I have almost 750h in-game, most of those with Junkrat. But the game that steals most of my attention, as well as free time, is currently Elite: Dangerous.

Just like with Overwatch, I picked up Elite: Dangerous just to try the game and without any real expectations. I had watched Psyche streams and it was, and still is, impossible to deny the beauty the game has, I’m ashamed to admit I refunded the game on steam, I spent a few hours rolling uncontrollably outside a station without anyone’s help, the controls killed my mood and my attraction to the game so I gave up really fast, that was until 2018.
I was told, in a similar way as how I now refer to ED, that the game was hard to get in to, that the learning curve isn’t steep, it’s quite literally a mountain, the thing is: after you climb the mountain you can appreciate the horizon in all it’s magnificence.

Almost 800h into Elite: Dangerous I can’t get enough of it, the beautiful scenery more than makes up for the first months of headaches and lost ships. Not to mention there story is still being unfolded, 25 years after the first version of the franchise was launched. One year into the game and rolling uncontrollably still happens but only if for some reason I leave my controller upside down on my bed, and now getting from A to B is as automatic as turning on my pc and checking my email.

With my registration on Distant Worlds 2 Expedition I started a brave new endeavor, and if I’m not mistaken this month marks the halfway through our journey. So far I’ve:

Traveled: ~51,000.00ly
Mapped: 154 planets
21 Black holes
252 Water worlds (80 in the past month)
1,613 High metal content worlds (874 in the past month)
Scooped: ~6,300.00 tons of fuel (that is around 31,500.000cr saved)

ED 1
(click to view full size)

Elite: Dangerous has become that one game I play several times each week. Elite: Dangerous became my secret love affair of the past year, one I’ve spent ten times more money over it’s value and I feel like I haven’t still made up for the initial abandonment.

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