Finally went back to work

About two and half years ago I got diagnosed with an uncommon hiatal hernia after having been rushed to an hospital gagging for air for no apparent reason.

I received medication to control the symptoms while waiting for surgery which happened seven weeks ago and this past week was my first week at work.

The week was hard, specially since I spent maybe 95% of the past six weeks in bed recovering. It’s been not only difficult to keep up with the rest of the coworkers physically speaking but also to keep up with my gaming routine.
I was already expecting to lag a bit behind but not this much. Leaving home at 7am and arriving at 7pm for dinner and house chores doesn’t leave much room for anything else.

This past week I managed to keep up with half of the night streams of some people from the community I’m in, the other half I spent doing some light gaming and most of the evenings falling asleep on top of my pc.

All in all I’m happy to be back at work, although still not at 100% I needed to get back into the routine, and a bit disappointed to not be able to play as much as I wanted.

I guess grown-ups can’t have both in the right amounts.

Shout-outs this week:

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