Getting the taste for blood in Elite Dangerous

Before deciding to jump into the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition I had decided to get an alt account for Elite Dangerous: without any intentions of defrauding the game. I just knew beforehand that the expedition would keep me away from ‘the bubble’ for the next six months and there was work to be done in Zhi – the location the Boop Brigade decided to settle in.

This past week, although I had a rough time managing my time after having went back to work, I was able to play a little bit in my alt account (which made me abandon my main account for that time) and I’m proud of what we – the Boop Brigade – have accomplished.

Personally I had barely played there, and for that reason I was flying on an Imperial Eagle, fully A-rated and with only 3 weapon slots, being one multicannon and two beam lasers. I managed to participate in a couple wings focusing the war in our home system.

I’ve avoided fighting in Elite Dangerous since I got into the game and I think I finally see the interest most combat focused players see in this specific area of the game. Along 3 other veteran players we managed to win the war raging in our system and win the station we were fighting for control.
I may have called the ‘big guns’ a little bit too late, but I shall be prepared for the future. I reformed my Imperial Eagle and bought an Alliance Chieftain which I fully upgraded and got some fancy pulse lasers and some additional utilities. As I was jumping from station to station to buy the necessary upgrades the war was won.

My Alliance Chieftain can pack a punch, and more importantly can take a punch. For someone that barely scratched the surface on fighting I find it to be a big thing when facing an Anaconda, or a Type-10 and come out on top and barely hurt – most of the times anyway.

I do intend to focus more on combat, now that I got the taste of it I feel the need to destroy some stuff.

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