Just discovered Doctor Who!

Potential spoilers about Doctor Who ahead, read at your own risk!

I seem to have missed Doctor Who‘s phenomenon my entire life. I knew it was a thing, that it had ‘some’ followage, and nothing else.

Last week, in a random monotonous evening I decided to click in Doctor Who on Netflix and my life changed forever. I can’t say much about the old series, but the 11th Doctor and the 5th Season have just been one of the best series I’ve seen, EVER.
The stories are great, the actors seem to be enjoying their performances and therefore making them look more real, and no two episodes are the same.

I have expected Rory to die a hand full of times, but mostly I wished him to stay dead. I can’t seem to express why but for me Amy and the Doctor are meant to stay together. Don’t take me wrong, Rory is a nice guy, a lovely fool but a nice guy, but the little girl who waited all night for her (new) friend deserves to stay with him forever. Then again what should I say about the centurion that stayed guard for 2.000 years?

There is also this mystery about River, I first thought she was Doctor’s and Amy’s daughter (here again is my ‘they are meant to stay together’), then in a recent episode both Doctor’s kiss and I can only think they have meet in some kind of neither future or past time, a present time, where they fell in love. For some reason Doctor is forgetting about River the more she learns about him, weird. Can’t wait for more.

Then there is the Christmas Special in the end of the 5th season, A Christmas Carol. The special started with a familiar voice narrating a prologue, immediately I had to pause and search for this mysterious voice, turns out it was the same actor that famously portraited Albus Dumbledor, Sir Michael John Gambon.
Without going into much detail on the story, which I adored, Katherine Jenkins debut on the big screen was well above the show’s standard, she has a pure talent.

Here is Katherine Jenkins singing:

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