Throwback Thrusday – Old Shows

Recently I had a very nice tête-à-tête with my barber about old tv shows. In the middle of a seemingly common chat about a crime that happened close by (crime – totally uncommon in the neighborhood) I found out my hair stylist is very found of series and old shows in particular.

As I got my usual haircut he shared some of the shows he has been revisiting and I went down the rabbit hole, or maybe I should say memory lane.

I don’t recall any particular episode but I look back on Knight Rider, Xena: Warrior Princess, Walker – Texas Ranger, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all of them made my childhood, and/or my teenager years.
It’s somewhat strange that I’ve deleted or stored the memories from this shows in a deep place, and stranger to get them brought up by a visit to the barber shop.

Less than a decade ago, in between university and my current job, I remember revisiting Xena and Knight Rider every afternoon. I don’t really remember the channel or if I have finished Xena, but I recall the new series of the Knight Rider was on tv, and from there I delved in the old Knight Rider, in the same channel.

Both this shows sparkle some faint memories of when I was a kid, sitting in the end of my parents bed in a sunday afternoon watching tv, in a time long before consoles, phones or computers where a thing in our household.

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