Twitchcon EU 2019 – review

I’ll be honest right from the start. I didn’t expected much from Twitchcon EU. Being the first one made in Europe, plus the fact that, until very close to the event itself ,not many details had been made public and to cross the t’s I went head first not knowing who from the group of people I interact with in a daily basis was going or not.

During that same week in which the event was announced I measured my financial situation, asked HR if it would be possible for me to take some days off work and pre-booked my hotel and flights.

In my mind, if the convention turned out to be a complete failure, or if it wasn’t of my liking I would be spending some time off work, in a foreign environment and resting.

In reality not only the convention was great, but I also I’ve meet some of the fantastic people I watch play games and have fun on Twitch everyday (people who I had no idea was going until the day before the event started).

I’m not sure how did Gillette managed to be one of the sponsors of an event of multimedia content, but they did fit in, along side Corsair, Intel, Sega, Bethesda, Wargaming Inc., two major energy drinking companies, plus some others.

About the stands and the event itself one of the highlights was without a doubt the ‘scavenger hunt’ type of thing put together by Twitch Prime. Since this being my first ever convention, be it multimedia related or not, I can’t be sure if in the Twitchcon that has been taking place in the US for the past few years ever did this type of hunt. One thing is for sure, it allowed the participants to get a kind of guided tour around the stands, while at the same time gave them the opportunity to win some Prime related gifts.

There were also the various conferences themselves, which I expected to attend, not only do they help those initiating themselves in broadcasting but also give those not planning to do so an idea on how it works and what goes behind what’s behind the camera.
I’ve said expected to attend because my plans did changed when I finally meet the great people that made the convention infinitely better.

All in all the convention was great, and I will surely be taking part in more of them in the future, as long as work and finances permit it.

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