Getting back on the Throne!

On the subject of Game of Thrones: this contains my personal words on the story until season 2, if you haven’t watched any episodes and don’t feel like getting spoiled feel free to pass this post. On the other hand I would appreciate no spoilers from season 2 onwards.

I’ve had a mixed experience with Game of Thrones. Almost as much as I’ve had with any other show out there to be completely honest.

Throughout the years I’ve learned to ignore certain hugely acclaimed show’s for my own sake. I understand the marketing side and appealing of finishing a season with some heartbreaking change in the script that will force the audience to return x amount of months later for the next season. I just don’t have the mental discipline to wait, specially when it’s a show I’ve binge watched and I hit that blockade, it’s frustrating to say the least.

Game of Thrones was one of the series that I forced myself to stop watching until the day I had enough content to binge watch it all the way to the end.
If my memory doesn’t elude me, I watched all the way to the end of the second season. Not that it would matter, that was six years ago and I don’t recall half of what has happened there.


I do remember a couple of iconic scenes from up to season two. Besides, of course, the deaths that occurred in them.

With the hype of the final season being premiered I’ve weighted if it was, or not, time to get back into Game of Thrones, and after some consideration I’ve found myself subscribing to HBO Portugal (which seems inexpensive to be honest, 4,99€/month with three free trial months).

I expect to keep watching GoT for the foreseeable months. According to Reelgood I have around 100 episodes of content to watch, which will keep me entertained for a few months.
And I still have some Doctor Who, Star Trek, Blacklist, Designated Survivor and a couple other shows to catch up with. If only I had the time to watch them all.



Personally I’m rooting for Arya Stark to inherit Iron Throne. Funny thing is that I don’t even know if she was killed or if she is alive in season eight or if she will even survive it.

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