Elite Dangerous: Engineering & Ships

With my recently arrival from Distant Worlds 2 I’ve been more focused on making the best with what I’ve got. With this, I mean improving, engineering, my ships to their top potential.

I had, until DW2, only focused on the making money aspect of Elite, and I barely scratched the surface on engineers.


Since my return, and my pesky obsession with engineers, I have unlocked maybe 1/3 of the current game engineers. Some required more work than others, like The Dweller, but with some persistence I can now have a reasonably engineered ship, or two, or three.

Keeping with my personal multipurpose favorite, the Krait MK II, I have made some crucial improvements, and I am now close to the desired result.

My current multipurpose ship will also be my main PVE combat ship, at least for now. This (click here) is the desired build, I’m not that well versed on Elite Dangerous builds, and most of the engineering was either researched for min/max the end result. Some other parts were coordinated with a few fellow Boop Brigade Commanders that are more experienced on the matter.

In between highly focused material hunting sessions, apart from those days I was so tired I didn’t even had the interest to hop into Elite, I managed to also equip a mining Python, only to confirm my already suspected theory that the new mining system is not for me. I do see the appealing, the explosion effects, the money-making machine, but I just don’t get my head around finding the right places, or the right asteroids for that matter.

IEagle Ranger Merope System

I’ve also pimped out my Imperial Eagle (which is by far the best looking ship in the game, only to be followed by the Krait’s), and I’m also aiming at making it a racer ship.

For now I need more materials, which means more hours in Signal Sources, and planet surfaces gathering materials. And I also want to focus on combat training, specially with cannons, I feel like I can already hold my own with my Endevour.

Commander LEAMMO signing out! o7


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