Newly bought: Elder Scrolls Online

I seem to have a very peculiar relationship with the Elder Scrolls series, a little bit similar to World of Warcraft.

There has to be a lot of respect for the development and story writing for both this titles, Warcraft (by Blizzard Entertainment) in particular even made it to the big screens with the Warcraft Movie (one I recommend). The lore aspects of WoW were the reason I was attracted to the game, unfortunately were not enough to captivate me to endure the gameplay.
Elder Scrolls on the other hand, I got seduced by the story, and the gameplay mechanics were/are good, but I just didn’t bothered to immerse myself in it. Until now!

Taking a moment to familiarize you guys with my story on Elder Scrolls:
I first learned about Elder Scrolls with Skyrim, and I know there were four other games prior to V: Skyrim still I only heard of the series when I saw a streamer play it. Not long after I decided to get the game on Steam, and I even played it for 10 hours, until I got kicked out of town.
Literally: I killed a chicken by mistake and it’s owner instead of thanking me for sparing him of the effort of having to chase the chicken around to slaughter it, he revolted against me. If only it was just a farmer, but it was not! The pesky farmer ganged up with his town folks and chased me out of town. I swore to never come back, and I didn’t. I didn’t opened Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ever since.

In regards to Elder Scrolls Online, I’ve felt an enormous attraction with the new expansion, Elsweyr, not really due to ads or social media but because it randomly appeared on my Steam feed, or someone mentioned it on Discord and here and there, and I kept going back into their Steam page or their website. I ended up buying The Elder Scrolls® Online: Elsweyr™ Digital Standard Edition last Wednesday and have no regrets so far.

Day one, first Vhysradue WB kill

With some work related stuff going on, I only launched the game on Thursday and luckily had the luxury to play it for 3 hours straight. In that time I levels a hand full of times, I went head first into my the skill system probably irreparably messing up my leveling, I battled a world boss, and I took some precious screenshots.
On the world boss: I was having an easy time battling stuff close by, I was bold, if not arrogant enough to think I could use some cheese strategy to defeat that character with such a huge HP bar. I was one shotted. Before I could decide what was the best thing to do, after all that was my first death in ESO, I got resurrected and a bunch of players appeared and helped me defeat Sword Master Vhysradue

In the days that followed, in between some other brief gaming sessions, I killed a dragon in a collective world event (or so I assume it to have been that), and I a second dragon as part of a quest. More will come, I’m sure of it.

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