E3 – Bethesda and ESO: Elsweyr

So this weekend will be a long one. As I write this is already Monday, and it’s a national holiday where I live.

I wasn’t able to stay up to watch Bethesda’s E3 presentation, as I intended to, but I got blessed with this awesome trailer cinematic this morning.

To be honest I’m not certain if this is a cinematic picturing the entire Elsweyr expansion or if this will be part of one of the DLC’s they will put out this year, in any case this cinematic is a work of art.

As for the rest of E3, apart from Bethesda sharing Elsweyr new content I didn’t had any other expectations, and in fact none of the other games call my attention. Still, if you are reading this and wondering what else was at E3 this year you can check it out here (reddit thread on E3).

As for my recent gaming ordeals, I’ve been leveling up my Karl White, trying to avoid completing the Elsweyr main story (which would mean I would need to go back to the old/other main stories and they seem to be so big they frighten me). Right now he’s using a frost build with a staff as a primary, and a bow (or alternatively dagger and shield) as secondary weapons.
I’ve intended to focus on a magicka build, but after something like 30h on this character using my staff to kill mobs doesn’t feel at all challenging (and currently I’m not using my attributes focused on magicka, there are almost twice as much attributes in stamina than magicka in fact). So I’ve been training my bow and arrow against open world mobs and monsters.

Reached level 23 last night, as I completed the Cadwell the Betrayer quest. I think I didn’t used my skill points, as I wanted to take a closer look at what to unlock next, but I can’t even do it now, or today for that matter, ESO is currently in maintenance and is expected to be back online in a few hours.

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