More ESO – housing and story

I’ve been entangled in Elder Scrolls Online the past weeks, hardly touching any other game.

ESO seems to be the game I always wanted, for like 15 years. My characters can be whatever I want them to be. A thief? No big deal! Dweller of darkness? Why not! A cook? Hunter? Forager? Suuuurrreee!!!

Currently, content wise, I finished the Elsweyr campaign, and I’m level 43, my Warden – Karl White is using some frost abilities and a lightning staff. I barely played any PVP, specially since I focused on the expansion campaign, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. And the dungeon system is fun and balanced, most of the times anyway…

This past couple weeks I also spend my first money on in-game currency, so I could buy an assistant and a house. The first for commodity sake, and let me tell you Fezes is such a good boy!


And finally the house, I decided to set roots, a place where I could go after a day exploring Tamriel, and thus Cliffshade, just outside Marbruk, Greenshade (catchy isn’t it!?), is my new home.
Spent one morning playing The Sims in Elder Scrolls Online, the possibilities are endless and this is how my house ended up:

Here are a couple random screenshots for your pleasure:

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