Elite Dangerous: the ultimate racer

Recently I’ve been focusing on min-maxing my ships for their different purposes. I’ve mentioned before how fond of the Imperial Eagle I am, and it was the first ship I fined-tuned it’s performance.

It’s my understanding that the Imperial Eagle is a fighter, just like the ship launched fighters, but made for a solo’ed type of combat. I used to run a Pulse Laser and Cannon build in it, but since the Mamba got introduced into the game, my IEagle had it’s purpose changed to be a racer.

IEagle Purple Stream
One of the best paintjobs, Slipstream

Took me a while but I finally managed to get the build to a maximized state, I could engineer it a bit further, namely the Life Support and the Armour to lightweight (which I haven’t unlocked yet), so I could install a Shield Generator, but neither wouldn’t change the fact that a single bump into a rocky formation at 932m/s would mean instant death. And to be perfectly honest it would also mean I had to grind some more materials, and I’ve kinda done with it for the next few weeks.

Coriolis Build

For now I’m enjoying this crazy velocities the Imperial Eagle is offering. Next I’m thinking of maximizing an Anaconda for fast and semi-distant exploration. Aiming for 70-80ly.

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