WOW Classic – my experience so far

I knew sooner or later I would unsubscribe from ESO Plus – it’s nothing against the game, the work would caught up with me, and so I would have to cut back on gaming time.

This was not the case, yet. I was hyped for the WoW Classic launch but I kept my expectations on the low end of the spectrum – again, not because I disliked the game in itself, but because my experience starting in Battle For Azeroth was spoiled – by my own self – when starting out, I missed out on a lot when I used the character boost I was offered.

Here in Portugal the WoW Classic launched around 11pm, and I was able to create a character, in the server that I wanted, around 30 minutes later. Lucky, I know, some people had two and three hours waiting lines. I didn’t created my character sooner because I waited for the people with whom I will be playing to decide between each other which server would be the best to play in.
In that day the servers were so cluttered that it didn’t connected to the back end and the game in itself wouldn’t even load. Soon after the server was down. So I only started my journey the next morning, the 27th.

I decided to go Dwarf Priest, and it’s been a blast so far. The poor short dwarf (that still lacks a backstory) delved in so many adventures that no one would say this is the same Dwarf:

Not everything is what it seems as I’ve learned, the hard way let it be noted, Priest is not the easiest class to level up and more often than not I find myself surrounded by a mob of world monsters and running away with a metaphorical tail between my legs. Still I appreciate the fact that I can heal myself – admin a certain survivability to my gameplay as well as some independence, and in addition to that I find it gratifying to show some compassion and heal those that, like me, are making their way in the valleys of Easter Kingdom and may find themselves in peril.

Not just that, I like how, at least for now, it’s really easy to invite people to group up, share this difficult quest and together take down the boss and steal his treasure. I’ve even been helped to clear a mob camp just to access this random treasure chest.

At least for now there is this sense of cooperation that makes enjoy the game. And I’m certain the already 28h spent in-game, in three days must show it.

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(not everyone might appreciate this screenography pieces above, but they mean a lot to me)


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