Outer Worlds – let the games begin!

I first heard of screenography when I delved a little bit deeper into The Elder Scrolls Online and fell in love with the scenery. Sure I had some folders with screenshots, and perhaps around 5gb of screenshots a game in particular but nothing worth mentioning. I feel it’s only right to mention Aeyvi and her screenographic archive of beautiful screenshots. I did learned a lot with Aeyvi and eye for detail.

Truth be told that after I stopped playing TESO not many games offered the opportunity to contemplate and screenshot the characters or landscapes. I did decide to enroll in another Elite Dangerous expedition, not only because it gives a huge number of chances for great shots and new places do discover and capture (more on this to come, the Lost Souls 2 Expedition started on October 26).
Apart from this not many games create the right set for a great screenshot. Overwatch, Pathway, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro may be great games but don’t provide great sceneries I’m afraid.

Until now. I mostly stay oblivious of new games, in part because it’s an expensive habit – let’s be honest most trailers are specially made to catch the buyers eyes, so I only heard of Outer Worlds one day before it was scheduled to launch and at first sight it felt like another Fallout-type game, this time developed by Obsidian who mostly focus on RPG’s. I felt like giving Outer Worlds a try, specially since I  hadn’t redeemed my 1$ trial subscription of Xbox Game Pass – I didn’t felt it justified, and to be honest I didn’t looked it up very deeply.


And here we are, around 6 hours later. To situate myself in the game I just left the arrival system where I got my ship, and I managed to get the ship ready for hyperdrive jump but not without making a compromise I didn’t expected to have to make.

Thinking back a bit I find it strange that I spent half an hour making my character looking good only to not having yet seen him or his reflection.

Being a first-person perspective game has it’s disadvantages I suppose.


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