A confession and Happy Holidays

It’s Christmas… Again…

I used to keep an In-Character blog for a persona I played on this one MMORPG. It started as a way to keep my Role-Playing texts saved in case one day the game forum’s collapsed, or the game died or something.
Soon it became my main place to participate in the game, and to this day it still has a good amount of visits (I’m ashamed to admit it – far more than this blog). Interestingly enough since the blog/site has been silent for almost five years.

In that blog I created this tradition of always going Off-Character once a year, in Christmas, to address the player base and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I usually reposted the messaged in the forums and relevant social media and groups. I felt it was the least I could do, I played with that same thousand players for close to ten years.
I also made an tradition in the game to feed my character some less common food on Christmas and New Years, for example: cheese, ham, wine, and even some rare chocolate candies. That is until I decided my character had achieved the summit of his career and I killed it. Five years ago.

Since then a lot has changed, for one I did made a new character in that game but I didn’t devoted as much time and affection to it as the previous one, and the character has been in sleep mode.
More importantly I moved on and engaged in a different kind of games and meet some amazing people, and as much fun I had in that one game (and tons of stress created by, let’s call it, character collisions) nothing transcends the relations I’ve created on Twitch and Discord.

I’m eternally grateful for the people I can call friends, and yes to some (perhaps elderly) people I’m extending the definition of friendship to online friends.

Thank you for being around (I’m looking at you!), for making me company, and specially for listening and playing with me in this game that is life. This Christmas I can’t ask for anything, I’ve been blessed every day by you guys.

Oh well! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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