A morning in Super Mario Odyssey

As I’ve said before I recently bought a Nintendo Switch, and obviously I’m starting it game collection from scratch.

One of the games I always had in mind to play was Super Mario Odyssey. And in fact was one of the first purchases I’ve made, along side Stardew Valley (because two copies on PC isn’t enough) and Dragon Quest Builders 2.

This Sunday morning, like a few others before, have been spent in bed playing some console games. Today was Super Mario Odyssey’s day, and it’s been the loveliest of mornings.

I feel like there is a story waiting to be revealed in every corner. Like very Moon has some background story connecting it to why it’s in the game. I hope the images above captured what I felt and helps transmit what I mean by this.

Moreover the game seems huge, at least for me. Google tells me there are a total of 14 worlds (or 16 if you count 2 special ones) to visit. Of this I’ve been in 5, and as much as I would like to say I’ve done everything there was to do in each one I didn’t.
I was slapped with a 19/60 Power Moons when I discovered there was in fact a Power Moon list in the Map (Y) menu. In my mind I had completed the Sand Kingdom, the third one the player visits in the game, but turns out I wasn’t even close. And worse when I checked back the first 2 levels, the first one was very straight forward, and the second one I spent a good couple of hours there, those hadn’t been completed either.

I fully intent to do a completionist run of Super Mario Odyssey, until then I’ll leave you with some spoiler-free, very early game screenshots.
Happy Sunday!

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