Xenoblade Chronicles 2

There hasn’t been much to report lately, only work related stuff. As per usual I would add.

Last week I bought Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (more on this one later this month) and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

This last game I had watched a fellow streamer play it but never paid much attention to the gameplay itself, only to the visual masterpiece the game itself is.
As a result, and also because I hadn’t watched the first streams, I missed quite a lot of lore and background story. Currently I’m around 4 hours into the game and it is AMAZING.

Not only the characters stories are captivating but also the story of the world and even the battle system (which I grant it’s somewhat weird for some) grows on you and after four hours I barely notice it’s differences from other types of games.

I hope I can squeeze as much time from this game as possible.
It was a perfect Valentine’s Day date.

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